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This book is dedicated to all the awesome inventors, innovation strategists, and mavericks that embrace innovation. It caters to those who embark on an unknown journey, those that take the familiar and transcend it to something completely new. Donnell A. Davis, Sr. explicitly targets individuals seeking to create something genuinely special for other people’s extraordinary experiences.

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June 27, 2023

Leveraging Technology for Collaborative
Advantage: Open Innovation in the Digital Age

Innovation has always been crucial for organizations to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital age. The notion of open innovation is gaining traction as technology continues to change sectors.…
June 27, 2023

Open Innovation vs. Closed Innovation
Understanding the Shift Toward Collaboration

Innovation has always been the lifeblood of progress, driving businesses forward in an ever-evolving landscape. However, the traditional approach of closed innovation, akin to a fortress guarding its ideas, faces…
January 10, 2022

Internet Of Things.

Smart connected devices, centralized wireless connectivity, and scalable cloud-based computing have created the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. These IoT platforms enable organizations to monitor, control, optimize, and automate their…
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